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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

I am speechless looking at these pictures. Seven beautiful girls posing like princesses. They are like the flowers from a secret garden.

They are lovely and joyful. Justyna and Ewelina became my brides as well. What a privilege and pleasure to work with them, to be in their company.

Sisters and friends!

The summer months are the toughest on the cut flowers.

The condition of the bouquets depends on the temperature and being out of water for a long time during the wedding day. You cannot also ignore passing them around, putting them down on the ground for photos or freeing your hands and expecting them to look perfect. They are alive and need gentle care to last beautiful for a longer time.

These bouquets survived the day in very good shape. I think I am not the only one happy because of that. It means, the girls took good care of them.

All florists are working with seasonal and market availability. We cannot promise you a particular flower, then call you last minute just to disappoint you because it is unavailable. The past two years were especially difficult not just because of the weather problems. But, what we can promise, is picking the best-looking flowers to achieve the overall aesthetics, colour palette, and most of all your designed vision. We love our Brides and their satisfaction is ours as well.

May God bless you all. Thank you for having me as your wedding designer and guest.

PHOTOS @Tomasz Adamski Photography

FLOWERS @ BeataEvents

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