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Forget-me-not and tweedia are little light blue flowers that can be used together or subsidy each other in any arrangement.

Tweedia comes in two colours: white and light blue. It is considered a luxury accent flower. Its star-shaped bud and great texture add lots of visual interest.

The flowers produced in clusters above velvety gray-green foliage are the truest blue flowers in the garden or a bouquet. Tweedia Heavenly Blue and Heaven Born are the names that accurately define the blue colour hue.

This is a June bridal bouquet composed of cream and soft pink roses, spray roses, lisianthus, misty blue limonium, white clematis, wax flower, and a few springs of dusty blue tweedia. This garden mix of little flowers has such a French Marie Antoinette vibe.

Four bouquets are ready for transportation.

This sky or heavenly blue shade is quite rare in nature. Besides the hue, tweedia is also fragrant, and the foliage is attractive as well as the clusters of flowers.

When you miss forget-me-not season, subside it with tweedia.

Tweedia makes a good cut flower. The stems with star-shaped flowers and heart-shaped leaves last well when cut for vase display.

We love to compile your dream wedding arrangement inspiration with our knowledge to create a one-of-a-kind personal design.

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