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Updated: May 20, 2023


Do you want to surprise your wedding guests with wonderful Polish products? Present them in a traditional, old Polish way on a country table! The village table was also called by our clients: gypsy table, stall, country cart, rustic bar for drinks (not necessarily alcoholic), table for sweets - candy bar / table.

Picture taken before:

and after:

BE provides a country table with a full set of decorations tailored to the style or theme of the overall room decor and utensils, if needed.

You bring your products. If you don't know what to choose, we'll be happy to advise you. Regardless of whether you order a table with specialties from us or prepare them yourself, it should look attractive and appetizing. We take care of every detail: lighting, herbs, fruit or vegetables, baskets, bowls, trays, clays ...

Fresh and tasty meats:

  • cold cuts,

  • Country, Gypsy, Old Polish sausage, dried ...,

  • ham,

  • gammon,

  • roasted black pudding,

  • bacon,

  • Brawn,

  • home-made pate, pie,

  • pork loin, whole leg,

  • smoked trout or other fish (herring)

  • a board of various cheeses,

  • marinated mushrooms,

  • homemade lard clean, lard with cracklings and onion,

  • pickled cucumbers, cabbage, pepper,

  • dumplings heavily covered with cracklings

  • bigos, old Polish sour rye soup,

  • cottage cheese,

  • homemade butter,

  • homemade horseradish,

  • mustard, cold sauces

and other snacks - who can resist them!

It is also worth adding delicious home-made bread. The bread your parents greeted you with should be not only decorative, but also tasty, and surely many people will want to taste it. Don't forget to place it near the bacon and sausages.

If the table is placed near the bar, guests are provided with a snack at their fingertips. With tasty food and cheerful music, everyone is having fun and remembering your party with pleasure. What an attraction it was to cut a piece of sausage from the hanging loop! The only drawback is that the participants are reluctant to go home when the clock strikes 1.00 am... But you can also make after party at the same place on Sunday!

The country table is an indispensable element of a rustic or Bohemian wedding.

Of course, a table in the form of a stall will not always fit or fit in a given room. We can, then, decorate the table for the night buffet, so that the food served is in an elegant environment and is served with class.

I don't know if you just want to hire your closest and trusted guests with additional work during such a hot time of wedding preparations? Not every place, where a wedding reception takes place, has such a service included in the scope of its services. Preparing the night buffet and presenting food, arranging, serving, and ensuring that there is no mess on the table is an additional, time-consuming job for people with an artistic eye and experience.


Are you wondering how much it costs to rent such a table? It all depends - where and what service is included. For details, contact Beata - BeataEvents.


Pictures are taken from the real weddings designed and created by BeataEvents.

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