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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Great things

are not done by impulse, but by a series of

small things brought together.

As you probably could notice this is my favourite V.Van Gogh's quote and the motto/ mission statement of my work.

I am glad that you are here!

My name is Beata, which means Blessed, and I truly am.

I strongly believe that marriage is a lifetime commitment, “for better or for worse . . . in sickness and in health…” made before God and witnesses.

I feel God’s presence when I meet like-minded people, no matter how big the age difference. Sharing similar values and interests while working closely together in creating something benefits in communication and understanding the vision.

Since you are looking for support to help you to design décor and flowers for your wedding you also believe that your love needs God’s blessing.

For me and my all previous couples, the official marriage journey starts at the church. We decorate it for your special day ceremony in a way you and your guests can feel that something important and beautiful is happening. Because it is!

We start at the entrance with the simple arrangement of flowers, lanterns or candles. Sometimes we add a welcome sign, columns, extra fabrics, all depends on the style and budget.

Then, we decorate the pews. Every time differently. Some brides like a white aisle runner and petals, white fluffy sashes, and twinkling lights for a more romantic look.

Finally, we walk to the most important part of the church - the altars. We style the flowers, colours, vases, urn, candles, etc. to keep the coherence and mood of the whole design flow in every detail.

When we connect,

we talk about your beauty, passion, dreams, family traditions.

We go step by step to implement what is the most important to you, to reflect your love story

in choosing every element we use.

We start first with your vision and favourite flowers for the BRIDAL PARTY



For more images from this wedding reception at WHISTLE BEAR GOLF CLUB CAMBRIDGE, ON.

If we meet before 4.00 pm we can share coffee while listening, talking, and laughing.

After 4.00 pm you can count on tea. Which one do you pick: black, green, herb, or fruit?

While introducing and welcoming you personally to BeataEvents I presented you the beautiful photos taken by Martina Wendland Photography at Ola and Sam’s wedding, for which I designed flowers and decor in 2014.

Some of the photos were used and featured in different blogs and magazines over the internet. Martina wrote the article: ”Classic Wedding with Polish & English Traditions” for thebridaldetective.

I started my first website around that time, and since then stunning Ola in her lacy dress with the cascading bouquet became my brand face.

Although it is time to upgrade my new website with the recent images, Ola and Martina will always have that touchy sentiment in my heart. That relationship and sharing many traits tremendously helped to create Ola’s wedding dream which was captured in the feminine way forever by Martina.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for the blessings of the people involved in this project, for my wonderful family helpers and supporters, Ola’s family, and Martina herself. They all deserve an enormous THANK YOU.

S. R. Covey said:

Trust is the glue of life.

It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.

Were you with me to this point? Thank you. I invite you to check just some testimonials or talk to my previous clients or their guests. If you would like to know more about me or BE just message me privately on FB.

Thank you for your interest and consideration BeataEvents for your upcoming wedding or a family and friends gathering.

​Many blessings,

Beata Olejarczyk

The Chief Designer and Founder of BeataEvents.

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