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Where vintage elegance meets gourmet masterpiece and high-end hospitality, I hardly recommend celebrating your love commitment at the beautiful and historic location in New Hamburg, PUDDICOMBE HOUSE.

I found it … no, no. It was shown to me by my bride, Paulina, in the early spring of 2021. I went there with her and her fiance, Seth to see the venue for the first time and do some initial planning on the spot.

Above - is the part of Paulina's backdrop which include her favourite colours - pale pink and navy blue, and the main shape in design - a circle.

I was stunned at first sight! It was a gem hidden so very close to Kitchener with such a European spirit! I fell in love with everything about it, the venue’s charm, and the kind welcome by the manager, Nick, his Mom, and his event coordinator, Alaya.

They open their hearts and arms to cooperate to make the event special!

It is still my top favourite venue I have decorated.

I am still very excited thinking about the Puddicombe House charm so I decided to give you A TOUR THROUGH THE VENUE.

Let’s start our tour.

You arrived at the given address. You parked your car and walk towards the big, glass, vintage, entry door. You open it. You look straight and see:

and after - the setup for Paulina and Steth.

When you enter any venue, the first thing to grab your attention and assurance that you are at the right place is the WELCOME or HELLO greeting SIGN.

You climb the stairs. Here you can gaze at yourself in a mirror hanging above a dresser-like vintage shelf. Each end is decked with a night lamp. The top of this “dresser” can be left beautiful as it is or used for a picture table, candy stand, or any other purpose according to your own design.

or you create your personal welcoming image by example, sharing your engagement pictures and sweets to say thank you.

Below - is just a detail.

After you finish enjoying that part, you can turn right to see the entreating corner used as the welcome/ gift table area with the space designated for the favors and seating plan. You can sit down on a sofa or a chair chatting and waiting for the newlywed to arrive.

Imagination is without limit, and so is your personal story to tell or your wedding dream.

Then you need to find your table.

As you walk towards the right part of the room you pass the white pearl stand with the seating plan and the podium finished in the same colour and style.

We placed beside it the matching podium for the speeches - for some time all eyes are looking here.

In the center, adorned with the backdrop, we positioned the head table for the Bride & Groom and their witnesses.

For now, I just have this photo of work in progress.

or you can leave it simply like this

Now, we go back to the hallway part with the mirror and turn left for the other couple’s design layout.

The window corner by the left door we use for the sweet table presentation. You can grab a piece of cake and talk to someone who doesn’t share your table seating by the coffee table.

We place the same arrangement on the coffee table as at the welcome right site.

The bar before and after - just a little accent.

Their gift table is placed along the wall, just on the right of the bar. We stretched a backdrop there to show the pictures arrange for the Bride’s wedding shower.

Next, we put our brass/ glass round table for the wedding cake photo hopefully to come. In the last part of the trio, in front of a small backdrop, there is a photo booth.

Now you can identify how we customized the right corner. It was purposed to be a photo display and guest “book” signing spot.

Then you turn around to look at the whole room to see the guest tables.

… and the focal point – the long bridal party table along the 2D backdrop centred in front of the irresistibly beautiful door.

I hope this tour will help you to design your wedding reception at the PUDDICOME HOUSE.

If you found it helpful, please, leave a heart, and do not hesitate to share or recommend it to your friends.

Blessings & Hugs.

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