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Updated: Mar 13, 2023



Zuzanna wrote:

"As a couple with a vision, yet with budgetary restrictions, Beata was a blessing. She did the bulk of our decorations, giving us the opportunity to DIY what we felt comfortable with, ensuring that there was a united theme throughout the event, both at the ceremony at the church and at the reception hall.

The floral arrangements that Beata prepared for the church were gorgeous and filled the vast space in this place of worship which I know from experience, is a difficult task. It really set the atmosphere for the sacrament before even the guests and musicians arrived.

In the reception hall, Beata worked her magic on the backdrop and the head table, ensuring that it was light, natural and elegant, just the way that we wanted it. We showed her some pictures for inspiration and I have to say that the final product surpassed every expectation we ever had for it. With leftover materials, she further enhanced the look of the hall to make this day the best possible for us.

Beata also created our centrepieces and worked with the materials that we purchased for this purpose. I can’t stress enough that she understands the young couples’ pull to the DIY and she will not try to dissuade you, she will work with you and your vision. She put her heart into the entire project and it showed.

Since planning the wedding is as much about the journey as the day itself, we will end our note on the planning process with Beata Events.

Beata took the time to get to know us as a couple and understand our priorities and needs. She really went the extra mile and was willing to learn and work with us using tools like Google, Pinterest, and more to communicate with us in a way that was easy for us, even from a distance.

It was so evident that Beata was willing to please and wanted to ensure that there were no surprises on the big day and we had several opportunities to see and comment on mock-ups. We found this very helpful and decreased the stress that we were facing at the time."

Zuzia & Bernard


  • Flowers for the Bridal Party

  • Ceremony Flowers & Décor for Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Kitchener

  • Reception – Croatian Hall, Kitchener

  • Flowers & Décor – backdrop & head and welcome tables, centrepieces, other decorative details

  • Photos

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