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Updated: May 20, 2023

Just as a certain type of body needs an appropriate cut of a dress, the arrangement of flowers depends on the type of vase or container. Small arrangements disappear in large rooms or churches. I believe, that it is better to put one large one, visible from a distance, than a few small ones, scattered in different places, which sometimes just blur unnoticed.

Below you can see some of our most popular vessels for floral arrangements. We keep the same style at the venue as at the church. Our favourite, of course, is our Polish parish church in Kitchener. Our tradition is rooted in our ancestors’ faith. So many simple things have a very deep personal meaning.

Very often it is forgotten to cover or hide the back of a picture frame or a sign. Simple tall vases with a few blooms make it work! Unless you have a print on the back as well.

I hope that the above collection of vessels in action helps you to choose your own style.

If you like purple beautiful glass vases, please check this post:

We can also buy vases for you if you decided to keep them for yourself or give them away with the flowers to your guests.

I am ready to design and help you plan your event.

Are you? Just click the LET’S GET TOGETHER button below.

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