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Updated: May 18, 2022


Using uniquely designed beautiful vases adds a classy look to the simple arrangements for any venue. Just greens or just one kind of great flower creates a stunning centerpiece.

Here you find some photos taken by BeataEvents after creating this setup for the wedding ceremony for Sara & Tom.

Let's start with the entrance to welcome the guests.

We walk towards the center, the main altars of the church.

For the pews decor, it is much better to keep the flowers fresh in tall glass vases, especially during the hot weather.

You can compare the chairs' finishing. Did you notice the difference?

Simple tulle podium decor.

White dendrobium and roses with hanging Italian ruscus arranged in a boat like white ceramic container/vase and placed at the side altars.

Grouping of different shapes but the same kind of material made vases for the center before the main altar, and in front of the couple.

A bouquet for Mary and a vase for the bride's bouquet.

Simple, yet elegant altar displays reflect the wedding theme.

The wedding took place in September at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Kitchener, Ontario.


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