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I just love this gorgeous star of Bethlehem!

It is a winter bulb from the lily family but in the holiday season it stands out as a cut flower, too.

Aside from the simple beauty and significant meaning of the bloom, the Star of Bethlehem has real lasting power. It can bloom up to a month in a flower arrangement. This delicate and meaningful flower stands out as a single stem or can attract your eyes as a focal point of the bouquet.

It is native to Asia, Africa, and Europe, growing wild across the countryside in the Mediterranean region.

The exceptional “stars” are symbols of innocence, purity, honesty, hope and forgiveness.

Simple stems of dry lavender and the heads of thistle pop up as the blue contrasts of colour.

Winter wedding flowers are as great and beautiful as the ones from the other seasons. They bring their own splendour to the event.

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